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Southern Shih Tzu Dog Rescue

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue is a UK registered charity dealing with the rescue & re-homing of Shih Tzu dogs throughout England and Wales.

"The care and and protection of Shih Tzu's who are in need of such by reason of sickness, maltreatment and poor circumstances and the prevention of cruelty to and suffering amongst such animals".

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue retains the ownership of all dogs in our care, and it is our aim to provide a home for life for all of our adoptees.  Should it come to our attention that one of our adoptees has been ill treated, neglected or otherwise abused, we reserve the right to reclaim such dogs.  This is an extreme measure, that would only be used as a last resort.  Whilst the term adoption is used throughout our website and in our documentation, it refers to you becoming the New Keeper. 

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue does not discriminate against the more senior adoptee, but it must be understood that they may be offered an older Rescue, commensurate with their age and abilities, remembering that many Shih Tzu's are quite lively well into their old age!

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue has a policy of not re-homing dogs with families who have children under the age of 8 years.  Our experience over many years of studying case histories involving young children and Shih Tzu's has lead us to make this decision.

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue is run entirely by volunteers who take no payment, this includes members of the committee, where no Honorarium's are paid.  We are always looking for caring people able to help with temporary accommodation, or with collection of and transport of dogs.  We need your help in what is now a battle, one we can't afford to lose if we are not to see more Shih Tzu's unloved, ill treated or unwanted.

All monies raised, collected or donated are used for the welfare and care of rescued Shih Tzu's.

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Thinking about Adopting a Shih Tzu?
The Shih Tzu is a lively little dog with great character, thought to originally have been bred as temple dogs in China... learn more about the Shih Tzu and what it's like to live with a rescue Shih Tzu

Forms: Adoption, Volunteer, Membership & Donation Forms

Why do Shih Tzu need to be rescued?
There are a number of reasons... why Shih Tzus need to be rescued

What happens when dogs come into the rescue & how are they rehomed?
When we are asked to find a new home for a Shih Tzu, the first thing we do is arrange a temporary foster home... what happens to the dogs

Looking for Shih Tzu Rescue in the USA?
Please go to the resource for Shih Tzu Rescue in the United States


A product is being sold in garden centres and shops called COCOA MULCH this is a substitue for other mulch's or soil improvers that can be deadly to all dogs.  If you are a gardener and have a Shih Tzu please do not use this product, better safe than sorry.  As far as we know there is no warning on the product bags  The lethal ingredient of COCOA MULCH is called THEOBROMINE.  The mulch smells like chocolate and is attractive to dogs, if they eat it they have very little chance of surviving.


Southern Shih Tzu Rescue would like you to consider the following:

Thefts of dogs have increased dramatically over the last few years.  Stolen dogs are seldom re-united with their owners.  Once your dog has been stolen, it will be lost to you forever.  Stolen dogs are often sold in pubs, for a few pounds, or are stolen to order and sent abroad.

We all know that dogs should not be left in hot cars, but leaving your dog unattended in a car, even for a few minutes, can result in its being stolen.  The thief smashes the car window and takes your dog.

Leaving your dog tied up outside a shop is an open invitation to a thief.  Don't do it!!

We all know that our dogs love to run free.  This does, however, create a risk.  A thief can easily pick up your dog and run off if you are not close to it.  Apart from the danger of theft, dogs can run off if frightened, and you may, or may not, see them again.  It happens often!  Think carefully before you let them run loose.

Thieves will even steal your dog from your garden.  Take whatever precautions you can!!

You may feel that the risks are small and that it won't happen to you, but ask yourself.... how you will feel if it does???



Below is a link to the Dog Lost website.  If anyone has lost a dog or knows someone who has, this website is a great place to begin.

Dog Lost

Help Us to Help Them

Shih Tzu Dog
Rescue Story:-

read Maisie's story read Maisie's story

Maisie's story

Maisie was 4 years old when she came into our rescue and was living outside in a small kennel.

When we first met her, she brought her wet, rain-drenched blanket to the back door in the hope that she would be allowed in to meet us...

Maisie's story

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